I’m a PhD student of Computer Science Department at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), under the supervision of Prof. Lixia Zhang. Before coming to UCLA, I recevied my Bachelor degree on Electronic and Information Science and Technology from Sichuan University. Currently my reseach interests are Named Data Networking (NDN) and Internet of Things, specifically:

  • Lightweight Protocols for Named Data Networking of Things
  • Resilient and Secure Smart Home Systems
  • High-level APIs for NDN with Security Built-in


  • Fall 2019 - Now, Ph.D. student, Computer Science Department, UCLA
  • Fall 2015 - Spring 2019, College of Electrnoics and Information Engineering, Sichuan University


  • Fall 2020 - CS M51A, Logical Design of Digital Systems, UCLA
  • Winter 2021 - CS 143, Database Systems, UCLA



The NDN-Lite library implements the Named Data Networking Stack with the high-level application support functionalities and low-level OS/hardware adaptations for Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios. The library is written in standard C and requires a minimum version of C11 (ISO/IEC 9899:2011).

Named Data Networking Neighbor Discovery (NDND)

Named Data Networking proposes a fundamental change to the Internet’s architecture, moving from a point-to-point to a data-centric model. NDN can run over layer 2 (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc) or over TCP/UDP/IP. When running over IP, NDN hosts need a way of automatically discovering and establishing connectivity with each other. This project provides an implementation of NDN Neighbor Discovery service, which uses a rendezvous server to allow NDN hosts in the same network to discover each other and automatically establish NDN connectivity by creating UDP/IP tunnels among them.